1997, 13 collages of video stills. Photographs of the television screen, collaged and framed. Various formats from 30 x 77 to 38 x 96 cm

'SIL' is the main figure in Roger Donaldson's science fiction thriller "Species", which in 1995-96 was extremely popular both in the cinema and as a video rental. The plot of the film is simple: with the help of genetic technology, researchers breed a hybrid by combining a human woman with the DNA of an alien intelligence (which turns out later to be a predatory aquatic mammal that grows at an unpredictably rapid rate, learning and transforming itself). The hybrid, named SIL, escapes from the research laboratory - she is a cold and beautiful blond (played by top model Natasha Henstridge) with the single aim of reproducing herself. Five researchers hunt her to try and prevent this, and to kill SIL. When SIL feels threatened and defends herself, she takes on the form of the alien and kills without mercy.

Under the pretext of talking about science and an alien enemy this film projects onto SIL every conceivable cliché about (evil) women. She is a man-eater, a pitiless psychopath, who will kill (men) for a child and sees other women merely as rivals. Her behaviour is instinctive and childish, with no concept of ethics or social behaviour.

Simultaneously she has the characteristics of a self-confident, strong woman: she actively chooses her men, she is decisive and determined, she is intelligent, fast, strong, unconventional, non-conforming and without fear. SIL has characteristics of an "übermensch". She can heal herself through concentration, instinctively recognises genetic diseases etc. She looks like a pure-blood Aryan propaganda figure from a Nazi poster. But SIL is also confused, alone, feels like a stranger, dreams of her "other half" and doesn't know what she's doing here.

In the series SIL HERSELF portraits of the "human" side of SIL are allied with images of her in the form of the alien "monster". She looks at herself, at the other side of herself, and is smiling, amazed or worried. She makes contact with the other half of herself that is demonised and hunted by society.

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