SARAH - Ausstellung Mainz
exhibition at the deputees house, Mainz, Germany, October 2003


1995 / 2002, 25 c-prints on alu dibond, 45 x 30 cm each, 9 meters in all. Digital video-still montages from the movie 'Terminator 2'  by James Cameron.

The unknown, and everything that refuses to be easily classified, held onto or used, as well as everything that changes, is known to unsettle us and to evoke fear. In Christianity, these aspects of life and death were seen as devilish - and women were said to be the carriers of evil. Here the conventional Passion and Salvation of Christ, based on the Evangelists and as seen in 'Terminator 2', is revalued. This sequence of images describes another story, far from moralistic allocations. Changes inside a person and changes of matter - they go together and happen in parallel. The face of Sarah O'Connor (in the movie she is the mother of mankind's savior) changes through many emotional expressions. The robot made of liquid metal, the terminator symbolizing evil, also constantly changes, like an element changing its physical state.

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