2014, 35 monochrome prints on aluminium DiBond, 27 x 48 cm each

The series of digital graphics Global Vulva Plates shows female figures and vulva symbols from different times, countries and cultures. This collection of metallic plates / plaques can be seen as a kind of picture library in which the cultural meaning of the female genital becomes visible. You'll see paleolithic engravings, the Greek goddess Baubo, a winged woman from an ice-age culture in Siberia, an Irish Sheila-na-gig, drawings of vulvas and of their symbols, the Indian goddess Kali and a Yoni stone, the Tibetan goddess Dorje Naljorma, a statue of a noble ancestor of the lwena in Angola, the Aztec goddess Mayahuel, the Black Stone at the Kaaba in Mecca, a double-tailed mermaid from a church in Tuscany, the protecting Dilukai from Micronesia, hands forming the mudra 'Lotus and Bee' in a labyrinth, an amulet of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, a winged sun disk, and the oldest human figure ever found, the so called Venus of Hohle Fels. Otherwise separated visualisations can be shown in various combinations, resulting in a more complex and global view on their symbolic levels. The surfaces of the images are matt and glossy and change with the incidence angle of the light.

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link watch: Global Vulva animation, 2009

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